How to choose a right hat

For fashion people, the cheap nfl hats is also essential with props. Famous fashion lady Chanel once said: “hat is the symbol of the beginning of human civilization”.Chanel not only let the hat with a new style, also gave the woman a new spiritual level. But not every top hat is suitable for you, choose a hat need according to the face. All in all, Hat with the right mix can also become the crowning touch on the shape, How to match  hats have become fashionable and practical.

Round face

Facial features: water chestnut rounded lines not obvious,seems childish.

Disadvantages: lack of three-dimensional.

TIPS: In order to make the face look not so sensual, choose a longer crown, which will increase the length of the face, looked solid. Exaggerated facial brim can make people feel smaller.

Long face

Facial features: long face long lines of the same width as narrow forehead and cheekbones width; broad forehead and chin more prominent.

TIPS: suitable beret, wide to make your face look more comfortable in proportion.

Oval face

Face characteristics: perfect oval contour lines, the overall curvature of the smooth, slightly wider at the hairline, cheekbones to the chin line gradually narrowed. This face is therefore suitable for the most easy to control a variety of Cheap NFL Beanies, caps are truly face.

TIPS: oval face man wearing a wide brim hat will make the face look thinner. Choose NFL Knit Hats Seattle Seahawks wholesale is more appropriate.

Square face

Facial features: square lines, cheek width wide, angular.

TIPS: a square face of a woman is not suitable for wearing a sharp line of cowboy nfl knit hats wholesale .

Heart-shaped face

Facial features: a wide forehead and narrow chin, and jaw line looks better, delicate.

Conical face

Facial features: a tapered face eyes, eyebrows, forehead part of the wider, starting from the cheeks to the chin begins to narrow. Not prominent cheekbones, pointed chin, thin.

TIPS: suitable for tapered face peaked cap, brim width obscured slightly wider forehead.


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