She knitted 100 NFL beanies just for orphans and old men.

It’s said that the loving people,LeiFeng had knitted 100 NFL beanies for helpless orphans and old men.She had knitted many different NFL beanies hat,such as red,blue,black and some other beautiful team beanies,which is suitable for 2 years old children to old people.The LeiFeng who is 70s and said she want to donated her knitted beanies. 

  The old man always have a hope to help helpless old men and children.When the reporter asked why she had this idea?She said that in the cold winter,which haven’t supply heating,she will “armed”at home.Though she had worn very thick shoes,overcoat and beanies,she still very cold.So she can feel the difficulty of these helpless orphans and old men.Their situation must be very terrible,so she wanted to help with her meager strength.

 She said that she loved weave something,so why not she wear something for the people in need.After she had this ideas,she asked her granddaughter bought woolen yard for her.Though she decided to send Green Bay Packers NFL beanies to others,the quality must be nice.So she decided to buy some high quality woolen yarn to knit beanies.She also said that she used the cashmere and the woolen yarn,which didn’t harm people’s skin.

 So these Cheap NFL beanies will be very comfortable and very suitable old men and children.When the reporter asked her what time should she spend.She told that she could knit a child’s beanies shall spend one day with one or two lines.But as for the old men’ s NFL beanies shall spend 2 days to knit one NFL beanies with 2.5 or 3 lines.Another,its flower pattern is complex.

 Her neighbor had gave her the high evaluation to her.She said that she is kind and ingenious.And in her spare time,she often sent neighbors NFL knit hats.And the LeiFeng always said she wanted to send beanies for the helpless before the old winter.

 Finally,the beanies knitted the all beanies,which had the 40 beanies for old aunt,10 beanies for old men and 50 beanies for children.In addition to these,there are some scarves for them.Now,LeiFeng had knitted all of them,so she wanted to wear beanies for them by herself.

  And in the interview site,she shew different skills and many various styles of Cheap NFL beanies .Including the practical and simple dome beanies ,cute and lovely beanies and chic and full of personality with a brim beanies.These Cheap beanies sale had won high evaluation for its delicate workmanship and beautiful styles.

 Above,it’s about the story of love,which can over generation and make us admire.


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