The importance of wearing a NFL Beanies in cold season

NFL Beanies Cheap is a clothing of the head, most can cover the top of the whole head. Is mainly used to protect the head, part of the edge of the hat will be outstanding, can cover the sun. Hat has a sunshade, decoration, and protective effect of warming. So it has a lot of kinds, the choice also has exquisite.

Hat can be dressed in, according to the face choose appropriate hat. Then choose according to his figure. Wear a hat and clothes, to try to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. Hat of form and color must matching clothing. Hat can also be used to protect hair, cover bald, or as part of the uniform or religious clothing. Wear a hat in different culture has different etiquette, it is especially important in western culture, because the hat is a symbol of social status in the past. 

But with the advent of winter, the head warm is important, if you want to choose a warm modelling balance sheet is tasted, the Sports knit Hats is definitely the best choice for you. 

The first benefit: medical research found that static state don’t wear a hat, when environment temperature is 15 ℃, the heat from the head loss of the human body 30% of the total quantity of heat, 4 ℃, 60% of the total calories. If the head cold, can cause cerebrovascular contraction, light feel dizziness, headache, circulation and nutrition scalp hair follicle or cause metabolic disorders, resulting in nutrient unbalance of the hair or a lot of hair fall off naturally. Serious may also trigger some diseases of patronage. Thus, in the cold winter, the head and other parts of the body, also need to warm the cold. 

The second benefit: the benefits of dust pollution prevention for the hair, sand and dust in winter, especially in today’s era of pollution is more and more serious, when hair was blowing and disorderly invisible at the same time, the microorganisms may be invisible to the naked eye can cause your scalp bacterium, even lead to infections of the hair follicle, directly affect the quality of living environment and the growth of the hair. At that time, wear a comfortable fashion hat, as to the hair wearing a already beautiful protective coat, effectively block the dirt and microbial attack. 

The third benefit: for the hair bask radiation protection, a lot of love beautiful lady will be armed sun protection measures are taken in the summer, but often ignore the power of the sun in the winter, when you walk also always chasing the sun. In fact, due to the winter air dry aged, sun ultraviolet ray through the degree is not low, so don’t be lightly of winter sun. Still should prevent insolation. So, in order to avoid the ultraviolet radiation damage, choose a style and color match the clothing cheap wholesale nfl beanies, nothing more than a good way of both fashion and practical. 

Didn’t wear a hat will have so many benefits, however, you must bring your own hat when go out in cold season. 


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