The Kinds of Cheap NFL Beanies

The Cheap NFL Beanies has began to popular in winter,the type of wool hat are strange, if you wanna know what kind of Cheap NFL Knit Hats,only you can’t thing of the market,a variety of wool hat make people dazzling,different NFL Beanies bring style is completly different.

Wool varieties one of the raw materials introduced(cashmere,cotton cashmere, sheep wool, cashmere,  rabbit cashmere)

Cashmere, cashmere specifically to cashmere, cortex is long in goat appearance, mask in a thin layer of fine wool goat, coarse roots The cold winter, withstand cold, fall off after spring, natural adaptation to climate Grow only in cashmere goats.

Sheep Wool:Many people have characteristics similar to cashmere of fine wool sheep called sheep wool,in fact,sheep wool no cashmere,actually,cashmere is a kind of high quality wool.

Imitation cashmere: is made up of fine black silk ribbon through special processing, make have natural wool, the smooth and soft, and elastic handle, have the line of acrylic excellent dyeing performance at the same time, referred to as the imitation of cashmere.This product is more rich color bright natural cashmere.But in actual wear still can’t get rid of a fine black silk ribbon on electrostatic problems.

Rabbit cashmere, rabbit hair root fine hair.Free of wool fiber thin, wool scales in sense of strong, surface smooth, concentration of soft cashmere and silk lets slip, the advantages of the rabbit wool fibre with porous structure were also medullary cavity layer, warmth retention property of wool for 2 times, is superior to other natural fiber wet absorption, maintenance and a skin care performance.Now comes the color rabbit wool, prices is more expensive than the generally of the rabbit wool.


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