Sweet nfl beanie knit hats

I have a little “nfl beanie“, and she is my sister Mary. Just put it on and you’ll feel warm, comfortable, cool and soft. But she has one shortcoming, which is to love me! She is stuck with me all day long, is a follower, you want to dump her, so people always say we are inseparable! But she also has many advantages!

She studies well. Every time she scored in the top five of her class, she was like a “champion beanie”, and she was rewarded with her family every time. But she only got a seventh. She was crying… I’m kind of sad for her, too.

She is humorous. Sometimes antics she will use all sorts of funny jokes and make me laugh, and this time she is like a “funny beanie “, although sometimes I will smile to have a stomachache, but she always enjoyed.

She’s tough. I am very honest in school at ordinary times, inevitably there will be someone bully me, this time she immediately became a “protect nfl skull caps “, if who bully me, she will be willing with her sharp nails to choke the man, until the people throw in the towel.

My “beanie “, though sometimes sticky and annoying me, disturbs me, but I don’t know why, but I don’t feel tired at all, always put her on my head.

One night, I dreamed that she had turned into a nfl knit hats, a small, pink women patriots beanie with a soft pink color, and even the name of her trademark was called “little sister beanie”. It was also embroidered with her favorite cartoon pictures, which was so beautiful that it was the first “beauty beanie” of the day. On the list of the nfl winter hats should also ranked the first place, got a lot of people admire and envy, but I think that she is becoming more and more far away from me, were high in the sky there is a feeling, not grasp to catch her. For some reason, I don’t like this famous “beanie” at all. I only like the old girl, Mary.

When I woke up, I saw my sister sleeping next to me, and I was relieved that my good, humorous and powerful “close-fitting beanie” was back!

I like beautiful and warm new era nfl beanies, but I prefer a kind and beautiful sister. She not only is my family, but also my best friend.


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