The Penitent New Era NFL Beanie

Sitting at the study table, there was a small, dainty Giants beanie on the table. It was a New Era nfl beanie that I felt ashamed of. Every time I see this nfl beanie, I have an acid feeling in my heart, and my thoughts will be turned back to one day five years ago…

It was a cold winter, and my mother and I visited aunt’s home, and when we arrived at her house, I looked up and saw the nfl beanie. What a beautiful beanie it is! It’s imported from Korea. It’s yellow. It’s very delicate. It must be very warm on your head. Isn’t that the beanie I always wanted? Whenever I saw this beanie in the shop window, I always had an impulse to take it for myself, but my mother wouldn’t buy it for me. Was she too mean? I don’t know, I don’t understand.

Involuntarily, I quietly approached the new era beanie, had it gently, I carefully with this beautiful nfl beanie, I really love it so much, fondle admiringly, how would not put down. Suddenly, my eyes rolled and a plan floated through my mind. Stealing the nfl knit hats while they’re not paying attention! While I was thinking, I secretly saw my mother and aunt, who were chatting, and no one noticed my abnormality.

Then, driven by greed, I finally held my breath and hid wholesale nfl beanie. In order not to let aunt and mother find out, I urged my mother to go home again. When my mother and I just walked out of the door of aunt’s house, my mother saw that something was wrong with me. She asked me, “What are the drums in your clothes?” “just candy.” My heart was filled with trepidation and tongue-tied. Mother came to the front of the dress, the new era nfl hats came out. My mother glared at me, “what is this?” I saw tears in my eyes and said hesitantly, “aunt’s beanie. It’s very nice. I asked you a few times. I wouldn’t buy it for me, so. “Before I had finished, my mother slapped me with a big slap, and suddenly I felt a burning pain in my face, and tears had already fallen. Then mom walked away from here and looked at that look and she really didn’t want me.

At this point, it’s just aunt and me, she wiped my tears to say: “children, you have my nfl skull caps today, I don’t blame you, just, don’t take the things of others.” I was so ashamed, I was crying and nodding my head.

“If you like this Giants beanie, take it!” said aunt gently.

Now, five years after that, I have never taken anything from someone else’ s house, even a needle.And this new era nfl Giants beanie, I really want, and treasure up, because I want to treat it as a warning to prevent me from doing wrong.


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